Will Standing Workstations Revolutionise The Workplace?

Endless health reports say that we’re heading for an early grave by sitting down at work. Anything more than 3 hours puts our bodies at risk. Here we discuss standing workstations, their benefits and whether we see this booming trend causing an office design shake up in 2017.

The benefits

  • Increased energy. The increased blood flow from standing keeps the mind active and prevents the afternoon slump. 
  • Improved posture. Several studies have shown that standing desks can over time reduce chronic back pain experienced by those who typically sit down at work. 

  • Sleek design. More and more offices are going paperless, meaning less storage space is required. By removing bulky desks and replacing with standing workstations the clean lines of the modern replacements are both aesthetically pleasing and save a huge amount of floor space.

The disadvantages

  • Soreness. Standing desks are typically promoted to banish back pain, however standing or sitting in a stationary position will both cause continuous pressure on the lower back. 
  • Long daysMost people working in an office environment will work at least 8 hours. Such a long time on your feet can cause soreness, aches and swelling.

  • Visibility. Everyone can see you. This may sound like a strange point, but if you’re more of an introverted character a standup workstation may not be for you. 

Overall, standing workstations should be there as an option. Consider using the stand up desks in break out rooms to refresh the mind and body when employees feel necessary. Understand that not everybody will adapt to the change due to their current health problems and working habits. However, by allowing for choice in sitting or standing, you offer employees a sense of ownership of the workplace, which contributes to their loyalty and productivity for the business. 

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