Q&A with our National Specification Sales Manager

To shed some background information on Attiro and give you a better insight into its development, we caught up with Ian, who undertook a Project Manager role to bring this new flooring product to the market.

Where did the idea for Attiro come from?

It was driven from the desire of an interior designer at one of the world’s most prestigious and respected architectural practices for a new UK headquarters based in London.

The architect and their client expected hardwood flooring in all of the office areas. But they also had to achieve full accessibility to the raised floor service void and meet the requirements of the British Council for Offices Guide to Specification 2014. Not forgetting a high sustainability requirement too.  

The actual concept was developed jointly with our partners based in Italy, who have a long understanding and history of premium hardwood floors.  

How long did it take to develop the project?

It took 3 years from the first phone call to completing all the necessary testing and receiving the order to supply and install 37,000 sqm of Attiro.  It took a further 8 months to fully market the product to get to where we are today.  

What sort of projects is Attiro suitable for?

Wherever a Kingspan steel-encapsulated raised access floor is installed.

Project orders have included a café area within a new higher educational building for Sheffield Hallam University, a large reception and informal meeting space for a marketing company in the new Kings Cross development in London, and a dining space for an LA law firm based at Embankment in London.

The interest has been phenomenal and very well received from interior designers, architects, fit-out companies, main contractors and end users.

Why did you chose the materials for Attiro?

This is where things start to get technical ... we’ve chosen the materials for very specific reasons.

The oak veneer is Prime Grade and sourced within Europe to ensure it’s from a sustainable source.

Oak behaves in a fairly consistent manner when undergoing hygrothermal testing. Especially when this is combined with the strength of the external grade birch plywood and the grasp of Attiro’s magnetic base to the Kingspan steel-encapsulated panel.

It’s not just simply the case of gluing a magnet to an engineered wood floor plank. There’s a serious amount of engineering that ensured all the behaviours of real wood were counteracted.

We selected Osmo as one of our partners to provide and apply the 14 different shade options and their Polyx hard wax oil, due to its excellent maintenance and ease of cleaning.

We know Attiro is going to receive commercial pedestrian traffic in demanding areas, and the end user expects to keep the desired look.

When you show customers Attiro, what are their first impressions?

“What a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?!”

Will the range of finishes and shades ever be expanding?

Always. Over time, the designs desired by our clients will change so we will move with them and, in some cases, hopefully lead them.

We have a standard portfolio of 14 shades and 4 different finishes. But in several cases, with projects we are working on at the moment, we have developed a bespoke shade, dimension and finish.

Everyone wants to be different and stand out from the crowd, and so do we.