Plants That Benefit Your Business

Office greenery not only looks great but can positively impact our health and wellbeing in an office environment. In this blog post we take a look at a huge interior design trend for 2017 and discover how plants in the workplace can benefit your business.

Stress busters
Including plants into your workplace reduces carbon dioxide levels and can lower the stress levels of some employees. When a person is less stressed they complete tasks faster, make less mistakes and their concentration is improved.

Increase in productivity
By introducing greenery you are adding a relaxing and comforting touch to what can be a cold and intimidating environment. Many often find that plants and natural elements can spark their creative output, this may be due to their relaxing presence - the more relaxed a person is the more creative they feel they can be.

Clean air
Staying inside for most of the working day breathing in recycled air from air conditioning units can be an irritant. Sealed environments trap in pollutants, for a healthier environment choose plants such as ivy or spider plants as they will absorb airborne pollutants and therefore improve the air quality.

Reduce sickness
Minor illnesses such as coughs and colds have contributed to the UK having one of the highest sickness rates in Europe. As mentioned previously, plants can clean office air, did you also know that workspaces with plants actually have fewer bacteria and mould?
Plants not only clean the air, they improve the mood of those in that environment, this small change can reduce sickness figures and also reduce anxiety and depression.

Will you be introducing plants to your office? Find out which plants would suit your workplace environment

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