Benefits of Raised Access Flooring in Retail

The modern shopping environment is a hub of creativity. Visual merchandisers must attract, engage, and motivate their customers towards making a purchase in unique and exciting ways. This modern retail art form requires multi-sensory technology, all of which come with unsightly cables.

Raised access flooring creates the perfect solution for retail spaces with an accessible and serviceable void that’s created by the supporting steel pedestals. This space creates a simple and effective flexible area to neatly organise and cover power and data cables, making the installation of new displays easy whilst maintaining durability for shop floors that see a high footfall. 

Attiro is an innovative magnetic flooring finish designed to marry with Kingspan’s steel encapsulated raised access flooring. The real wood finish of Attiro provides a beautiful finish to compliment all interior designs and themes. 

The magnetic feature of Attiro also allows quick and easy removal of individual staves to allow for easier merchandising and display reconfiguration. Shop floor spillages and accidents no longer become an issue as Attiro flooring can be efficiently taken up and switched, so the main floor areas are always looking pristine and significantly reduces the disruption to the consumer's shopping experience.

Planning a retail fit out? Speak to our team to see how Attiro and Kingspan Access Floors can work for you. 

Strawberry Team

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