How to improve wellbeing in the office


Changing office surroundings is the key to improving employee wellbeing, both emotionally and physically. We all know that a happy environment results in a happy employee. Here, we take a look at what steps are needed to create a space catered to improving employee wellbeing...

Review your environment

Creating a work environment that reflects the needs of varied personality types can result in increased efficiency and can be morale boosting for your team.

Group work space, meeting rooms and stations for mobile workers can make the office feel less regimented and also give freedom to more introverted characters to express their opinions and ideas in a private space.

A designated recreational space should also be a key aspect in rethinking your work environment. Allowing your team members to fully escape the hustle and bustle of the office can reduce stress and anxiety significantly.

Help employees get their 5 a day

Did you know fresh fruit can increase employee productivity by more than 10%? By simply introducing a basket of fresh fruit into the workplace, this can keep bodies and brains alert for longer, preventing the mid afternoon slump plus boosting energy levels and reducing stress.

Inject some personality

Minimalism may be the height of fashion but the blank feel of the decor can actually result in most employees feeling low.

Many employees find that by injecting character to their surroundings, they feel more valued as a team member. You can achieve this boost by simply allowing employees to personalise their desk space. Just one or two personal items can improve mood and positivity.

Have a space to break away from work

Offering a separate room for staff to chill out and take a break from the office will not only reduce stress and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed by their workload, but will also keep ideas flowing and stop the team from burning out.

Optimising your office space doesn’t need to cost the Earth but these easy to adopt tips can really make a difference to output, reducing sickness days and potentially improving the business financially.

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