2017 Office Trends

Adaptable Layout
2017 will continue to see the workplace evolving to incorporate varied working styles. By providing your workforce with the freedom to make individual choices in how they work spurs creativity, helps generate fresh ideas, and improves productivity and communication across different departments.

Design For Employee Wellbeing
Gym memberships, running clubs and access to healthy snacks are becoming more popular in a working environment. As well as focusing on the health and fitness of the workforce, office design and decor is also vital to increasing productivity. Read more on helping to boost brain power, alleviate mental stress and positively stimulate productivity through design in this blog post.

Natural Elements
As our lives become more and more involved in a digital world it is important to incorporate plants and natural light to improve wellbeing and productivity. Not only will office greenery improve the air quality in an office environment but including nature as a design feature will also lift and encourage positive attitudes. In 2017 we will begin to see more creative ways to include plants in the workplace including living walls and indoor gardens.

Hot desking is cost effective and convenient for young entrepreneurs with the added encouragement of networking with those in the industry. This inviting way of working with a variety of characters from across different industries offers a great opportunity to interact with people with a fresh perspective. If you’d like to incorporate hot desking opportunities in your office environment remember; there is no right or wrong way to include this in your design.

Integrated Technology
If you’re considering an office fit out in 2017 make integrated technology a priority as more and more office environments rely on seamless technology and data sharing methods. With the increased use of tablets, mobiles and laptops throughout the day we will being to see a lot more wireless charger points in the modern workplace. Additionally plan on including other vital tech such as interactive screens, conference call systems and other digital office solutions that will reduce disruption. 

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