Office Style: Contemporary Urban

The contemporary office is a clean space with simple lines and classic furniture. Modern decor can quickly become dated so sophisticated planning and design is key. 

When it comes to office furniture, choose a basic colour for your work benches and seating such as black, white or greys. By choosing a core colour palette, you have the room to accessorise with complimentary colours that will bring character to the workplace. 

Depending on where your office is based and the local history, it is nice to reflect the story in the decor. This can be done using reclaimed furniture and materials or with subtle nods in fun quirky forms. This year we have seen palettes and industrial style chains and piping become worked into office decor, as well as vintage lighting and signage. 

Remember to not become too clinical with your design, the workplace should have a warm atmosphere to make your team feel comfortable, bright pops of colour can energise the workforce. Artwork is a great option and a popular choice in contemporary urban office design, this is a great way to add colour or inspirational mantras whilst not becoming garish or looking harsh in their setting. 

To compliment the eclectic contemporary workspace try and keep the tones for walls and flooring subtle. We have selected Fume (KATT 012), Sawmill Fog (KATT 014) and Bianco Pallido (KATT 002) as the ideal Attiro flooring choices for the current must-have studio style. 

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