The Cost of an Uninspiring Work Environment

An uninspiring workplace can negatively affect productivity, team morale and attracting new staff and clients. More and more businesses are looking towards complete office fit-outs with the aim to inspire. 

Although it’s probably the last thing you’d look at when analysing staff recruitment and retention, the workspace can actually have a massive impact. With leading companies like Google, Innocent and Facebook creating exciting and engaging environments as well as hiring the best of the best in the industry, there is a clear correlation of the effects of office design. 

Your workplace should be a reflection of your business messages. Engaged and culturally immersed teams are aware that their performance is pushing towards your company or brand goals. 

If client meetings are frequently held in your office space, it is essential that it’s an inspiring and positive space, we all know that first impressions leave a lasting impression. For your business to be a success, clients wins are a necessity, make sure your office interior design isn’t letting your company down.

We’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post but team collaboration is important for modern businesses to move forward at an ever increasing rate. By creating spaces with high footfall as well as rooms for teamwork, this will generate engagement and collaboration. By allowing your employees a space to work together undisturbed creates a stronger team bond and increases overall performance. 

Each business is different. Location, industry and office culture needs to be acknowledged when creating a space to inspire. Talk to your team and interior designers, architects or fit out contractor to discover how you could create a more positive and engaging environment for your team. 

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