The Informal Workspace

Where you work has a huge impact on how you work, on your ability to focus and your overall productivity levels. To attract and retain talent it is your responsibility to create an environment that is engaging, inspiring and flexible and move away from grey cubicles that breed mediocrity. Agile working, the creation of flexible and productive environments, is the new way to approach office design. 

Personal space, break-out rooms, kitchen areas, communal eating areas, telephone space, collaborative rooms and inspiring areas. By providing your workforce with the freedom to make individual choices in how they work spurs creativity, helps generate fresh ideas, and improves productivity and communication across different departments. Different work environments work for different people, if your team member feels valued and considered it will create a more positive work environment with an increase in output and drive. 

Agile working is about creating space for a range of activities and different work styles. Make sure your spaces are adaptable and can be used for more than just a meeting room, think of spontaneous brainstorming sessions, a quiet space to research or a private room for a client facing video call. By modifying your office space you can change and move with your company with the needs of your team.

Considering we spend roughly a third of our lives at work, we need to ensure our working environments are both inspiring and energising. The traditional 9-5 hours and office working environments are changing, to keep productivity at it’s peak we must, as employers, architects and interior designers, accommodate the needs of the ever changing workforce and create environments that benefit not only the business but individuals.  

Are you looking to refurbish or design a new office space? Are you researching new innovative products for an office fit out? Speak to the Attiro team about how our innovative accessible flooring can improve the efficiency of your office design.