Office Style: Minimalism

A lack of clutter drives productivity, making every task your employees perform a little simpler and easier. Creating a light and airy office will both look more modern and encourage more productivity within your team.

Abundant light and a simplistic colour palette will open up rooms and make them feel more spacious. The lack of clutter clears the mind of distractions so re-examine your paper needs and reduce unnecessary office knick-knacks.

Complete the minimalist makeover with an industrial floor that maintains a soft edge. We suggest Attiro magnetic real wood flooring for raised access floors in the softer tones of Sbiancato (KATT 013) or Bianco Plus (KATT 015). Alternatively, if you’d prefer your floors to add drama to a simple colour palette, choose the European oak in the deeper colour of Wenge (KATT 011).

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