Increasing productivity of your work environment by appealing to the senses

Appealing to the senses can help boost brain power, alleviate mental stress and positively stimulate productivity. Colours, smells and sounds in the workplace are often overlooked but if small changes can cause such a huge impact, how can we adopt these boosting properties in our everyday work environment?

Blue has been found to be the most productive colour, the gentle tones create a soothing and calming effect and improves the state of mind. Vibrant colours, such as red, orange and yellow have also been known to inspire and stimulate. If new office decor isn’t within your budget, add these tones in a more subtle manner with plant pots and fun stationery. 

If sickness and health issues are a problem in your business, keep in mind that if you increase the amount of natural light throughout your office, this will encourage a healthy well-being as well as benefitting general productivity and creativity.

Scents also have a huge impact on mood and mental clarity. Lemon and other citrus based scents are thought to increase concentration and boost energy. Avoid afternoon slumps by introducing something as simple as a new office air freshener to bring life into the workplace. 

Moderate background noise provides enough of a distraction to encourage the mind to wander and spark creativity. Most people find that working in coffee shops can be the most productive of times, this is due to the correct balance of ambient sounds. Soft sounds such as acoustic music or wind chimes are preferable compared to office chatter, as conversations are one of the main distractions to overcome in office spaces. 

Thinking holistically when it comes to office design is becoming a popular trend throughout Europe. Have you adopted any of the above mentioned features in your office? Have you seen a change in productivity? Connect with us on Twitter and let us know what changes you’ve see