How to boost productivity through office design

Keeping a team productive is vital to running a successful business. Below we share some top tips on how the design of your office can reflect the levels of productivity. 

Set up a quiet space: Each time you see a colleague stop by for a friendly chat, or get involved in a nearby conversation, it becomes a distraction to a number of people in your team. If concentration is broken, valuable time and creative energy is lost. Creating a communal space to allow people to have a break away from their work will reduce distraction, but will keep up morale and connections within the team.

Mix people up: Why not place something communal central to your office design, like a coffee machine or water cooler? The regular traffic will force team members to talk more and result in more thoughts and ideas for ongoing projects.

Boost natural light: Diverting as much natural light into the workspace has been known to encourage productivity. Closed and darkened rooms affect rhythm and can cause slumps in efficiency and creativity. 

Resist the lure of productivity killers: By designing your offices to encourage collaboration and reduce the amount of secluded space, it will create accountability in the team. If people are surrounded by hard working team members then this activity tends to be mirrored and you’ll see less distraction from social media sites and phones. 

Avoid open plan: This one may go completely against all you’ve heard about open spaces encouraging collaboration. But, the lack of privacy can actually cause some people to stop talking to other team members as the entire workforce will be able to hear the conversation. You might be able to see this for yourself if you count the number of people wearing headphones in open offices. Open plan works to a certain extent, however, reducing the size of groups working alongside each other can improve collaboration and conversation in your team.

Make it more practical: A well designed office will improve the health, morale and efficiency of your team. Important features such as lighting and even flooring can affect performance. By keeping things like these simple and practical reduces disruption to the workforce. 

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