How to create a collaborative workplace

As we have mentioned in our previous blog posts, team collaboration is important for modern businesses to move forward at an ever increasing rate. The cubicle layout of the 80s and early 90s caused a disadvantage to companies by preventing the choice for colleagues to talk openly about projects and ideas. 

Communication is essential to encourage creativity and allow ideas to flow.

The challenge of the modern business is to find the ideal balance between social and private spaces. Major brands such as Google and Innocent have found that, unlike formal boardrooms and private offices, the key to generating workplace engagement is to create areas with high traffic. These busy areas can be anything from in-office restaurants, kitchens or even something as simple as a main staircase, a place where the majority of the workforce will have to pass through multiple times throughout the day. 

In addition to high traffic areas, combination spaces should also be considered. Smaller rooms that can be booked for small group meetings or for working privately allow introverts to remove themselves from a noisy office atmosphere. 

By paying attention to the diverse needs of your team for both collaboration and privacy during the design process with generate free-flowing thoughts and ideas and get the best out of your workforce. 

If you’re looking to design a new office space and you’re researching for new innovative products, speak to the Attiro team about how creating an efficient and collaborative workplace. 

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