Office Style: Geometric Designs

Great interior design is all about understanding balance, which elements of a room should be dominant and which should simply assist. 

Geometric prints, patterns and even furniture are becoming a common feature in the office. These simple and repetitive patterns are ideal for the workplace as they encourage a focus and prevent the eye, and mind, from wandering. 

  If bolder patterns are a bit to ‘out there’ for your office interior design, consider adopting a subtle approach with soft and complimentary tones. 

Kingspan Access Floors Attiro range of accessible wood flooring is available in a range of shades and finishes and can be installed in a number of eye catching options, including traditional staggered joint layout, herringbone running bond or diagonal running bond. 


If your project requires something more specific we can also craft bespoke column borders, matching skirting boards and nosing for staircases. 

How have you worked patterns into your office design? Share your photos with us on our Twitter