5 reasons why architects recommend Attiro

We asked architects we work with to tell us why they chose Attiro for their projects. Here are the top 5 reasons that won them over. 

1. All the beauty of oak, all the ease of access flooring

Unlike conventional bonded square systems, Attiro combines the looks of a real wood veneer finish with the practicality of raised access flooring. So there’s no need to compromise on style or function.

2. Get to underfloor services with ease

Attiro incorporates a magnetic base which bonds to steel encapsulated raised floor panels. So it’s a much quicker and easier way to access underfloor voids compared to tongue and groove wood flooring. 

When you need to get to cabling or services under the floor, simply lift the oak-veneered planks using the Attiro lifting device and replace them when you’re done.

3. Saves time, cuts waste

Because Attiro can be installed at fit-out stage prior to testing and commissioning, it can help reduce waste and lead times during construction. We also deliver Attiro pre-finished, so you can walk on it as soon as it’s laid.

4. 15-year service life

Attiro has undergone rigorous testing by Kingspan’s R&D department and has a 15-year service life. These tests measured its performance against varying loads, acoustic properties, optimum magnetic strength, and environmental temperature and humidity change.

5. Gain sustainability accreditations

We can help you gain two key environmental and sustainability criteria: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method). 

Attiro only uses FSC, European-sourced oak and Class E1 plywood in accordance with the European standard for wood-based panels. And it can be reused and reinstated in other areas.