#OfficeEnvy round-up: August

Every Friday on our social channels, we’ve been sharing our favourite office designs from around the world with the hashtag, #OfficeEnvy. 

We celebrate everything from elegant interior design to quirky layouts, and we admire the many ways the workplace can excite and encourage clients, customers and the office team. 

Here’s a round-up of what we’ve been sharing in August:


Norbella, a Boston based, full-service media agency
Working alongside architects, ACTWO Architecture the leading media agancy, Norbella, took their ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy and created a fun, interactive and team-pleasing environment. 

The team are known to kick off the weekend early by tapping into the offices ‘kegerator’. And workers are free to relax and regenerate in their ‘zen room’.

Each employee is provided with a pod to knuckle down in, and the Norbella team share a spacious social kitchen area and elegant main boardroom. Throughout the office there’s a consistency with stunning flooring, wallpaper and decor that gives a subtle nod to their local area.


2. ASOS Headquarters, London
The ASOS headquarters in London are both eye-catching and intriguing throughout. 

Each room and piece of furniture features a different patterned fabric. If this was carried out by us mere mortals it could be a very dangerous move, but with a team of young, trendsetting designers and stylists, ASOS take it in their stride. 

The 3000sq.m HQ is spread out over 3 floors and is a fresh and creative office that carries an industrial feel with splashes of inspiration. We couldn’t imagine a better workplace for one of the UK’s biggest online fashion stores. 


3. Red Bull, London Headquarters 
The Red Bull HQ has to be one of the coolest offices we’ve ever come across. Not only does the design translate the company’s branding throughout, it also encourages it’s employees to communicate and thought-share in a social hub that includes a bar, cafe and both formal and informal meeting areas. 

The sleek and exciting office interior communicates the Red Bull message perfectly, allowing clients, customers and employees to fully immerse themselves in the company experience. 


4. Ticketmaster, London office
It was the relocation of the Ticketmaster office in 2013 that allowed the company to fully reimagine their workspace. 

Working with UK architects TSK Group, Ticketmaster wanted to reflect the variety of experiences they can provide to their customers. 

The office boasts vibrant and bold artwork, chill out spaces, pinball machines, football tables, an indoor picnic area and a slide for workers to enter a social area. An office that features a slide is always going to be one of our top #officeenvy workspaces!