The benefits of Attiro

Attiro is an innovative and stylish flooring choice for raised access installations. We take a look at the benefits of Attiro ...

Provides solutions to previous limitations in design and accessibility
Attiro can be installed in any commercial or public sector premises, including receptions, general office space, breakout areas, retail stores, restaurants, leisure facilities, schools, academies and universities. 

Uncover and gain access to any part of the services void in under one minute
Simply lift the magnetic, European oak-veneered Attiro to access and reveal the raised floor panels and void underneath. In comparison to inaccessible tongue and groove wood flooring, using the Attiro lifting device you can simply lift up any part of the floor in seconds. 

Real wood floor finish, no more compromising on style
Attiro comes in a range of shades to suit any taste and interior – from deep, rich grains to crisp, clean whites. You can choose from three finishes: brushed, sawmill and rustic hand scraped. Attiro can be installed in a staggered joint layout as standard, herringbone, include a border or a diagonal running bond.

Works hand in hand with Kingspan steel encapsulated raised flooring systems
Because Attiro uses a magnetic base to secure to steel encapsulated raised floor panels, it makes accessing underfloor voids effortless. The design of the Attiro’s magnetic base has ensured optimum grab, enabling removal yet preventing movement.

Efficient fitting, reducing damage, waste, and lead time
Attiro can be installed at fit out stage, prior to testing and commissioning to reduce waste and lead times during construction. It works hand-in-hand with Kingspan’s steel encapsulated raised access floor panels.

Durable, easy to maintain and can be walked on immediately after installation  
We’ve taken the time-honoured traditions of Italian craftsmanship and fused them with groundbreaking British engineering to create something new and inspirational. Everything that goes into its creation is carefully hand-picked. From the prime grade European sustainable lumber we source to the master craftsmen who perfect it.