#OfficeEnvy November Round-up

If you follow us on social media, you’ll have seen our weekly Friday Feature where we take a look at inspirational office designs from around the world. 

Let’s take a look at what you might have missed… 

El Cuartel, Malaga, Spain. 

The El Cuartel, the full-service Spanish creative studio that is located in an amazing building in the historic city of Malaga. Surrounded with such culture and extraordinary historical architecture El Cuartel have stylishly incorporated the surroundings into their creative home merging modern and traditional elements throughout. 

MAD Agency, London 

Creative startup agency MAD London calls a warehouse in London’s Old Street home, but it’s not as shabby as it sounds. The team from DOS Architects have created a modern and elegant space that works well with the existing surroundings. Using light and bespoke furnishings the studio has become one of our favourite offices of the moment!

BIO Agency, London

Digital marketeers, BIO Agency, aspired to create a working space to nurture the creative minds of their team. The original brief resulted in a studio filled with references to nature and nurturing organic ideas, with green grass-like carpet and squirrels and plants appearing throughout. In addition to the nurturing surroundings of their creative home, Bio Agency also encourage their team to step away from desks and computers and to exchange ideas and share thoughts and ideas over communal breakfasts/cocktails every single working day. 

1-2 Stephen Street, London

This project by Orms architects has peaked our interest. The team have completely revamped the dingy late 1970’s development into an attractive and unique office space. Whilst completing the process of transforming the building Orms’ also had to work around existing tenants by finishing the project in stages. The finished result is clean and attractive space that maximises space and incorporates the range of heights that were already existing in the building. 

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