#OfficeEnvy October Round-Up


October has seen an eclectic mix of exciting and one-of-a-kind workspaces in our weekly Friday Features. Let’s take a look back at them...

The designers for this jaw-dropping work of architecture chose three major themes they wanted to see reflected in the Israeli building: family, optimism, and heritage. With a floor for each contained within the 7-storey construction, it’s that dedication to heritage which stands out the most.

The designers purchased furniture from a second-hand market, bidding to reflect what Google’s Tel-Aviv employees had described as their culture, whilst the stunning views out across the city add a delightful bonus to a remarkable office.

Oh, and there’s a slide down from one floor to another. Well, why not?

Primark International HQ, Dublin

Connecting the modern and the vintage, Primark’s International HQ in Dublin is a remarkable mix of styles.

With a 20th century listed building forming the basis for the project, alongside a 1990s adjacent property, the history is maintained, though with a contemporary twist within the building’s interior.

The stunning main atrium is housed by a glazed roof, allowing natural light to shine in.

Three Rings design Inc. San Francisco

The Three Rings’ offices appear like a different world inside! Opting for custom design, you won’t find the same furniture anywhere in the world, whilst the wonderfully playful and colourful nautical theme offers an interesting twist.

It’s easy to see how creativity can shine through in this workspace!

Wieden & Kennedy

A basketball court is bizarrely a suitable instalment for the advertising company which came up with the famous Nike slogan “Just Do It”.

Alongside this, their employees are treated to an almost entirely open-plan office, as well as a large auditorium area, though it’s the basketball court which truly makes Wieden & Kennedy’s offices stand out, as well as one of the coolest staircases you’ll see today - we promise.