How is Attiro made?

Attiro wouldn’t be what it is today without our Italian partners, who have a long understanding and history of premium hardwood floors. 

We take these Italian hallmarks of quality and luxury, and fuse them with groundbreaking British engineering. 

And we make sure everything that goes into making Attiro is carefully hand selected. From the prime grade, sustainable European timber we source, to the master craftsmen who perfect it.

6 steps to creating Attiro

  1. The prime grade European timber is selected then either kiln-dried or dry-stored.
  2. The wood is cut into lumber to suit the veneer length and width. When the second stage of drying is completed, the oak is veneered.
  3. We start constructing Attiro. First, we bond the veneer to plywood to ensure the 4mm veneer remains stable. When the adhesive has cured, a micro bevel is formed to all of Attiro’s perimeter. Then we brush the timber with a steel brush to release the grain and encourage the patina colour of the wood.
  4. As we enter the final stages of the production process, we apply the colour formula and lacquer.
  5. We attach the unique magnetic base and protective edge bands.
  6. We box, package and deliver Attiro to the site ready to be installed by our in-house contracts division or approved supplier and installers. 

What oak veneer do we use?
Attiro uses prime grade, sustainably sourced oak veneer from Europe. 

We only use FSC, European oak and Class E1 plywood in accordance with the European Standard for wood based panels. 

Request a sample pack today
When you order an Attiro sample pack, you’ll receive 14 different colour swatches and two examples of our sawmill finish. 

Plus, you’ll get a sample of Kingspan’s RMG panel so you can see how Attiro connects with the steel encapsulated raised access flooring system.  

Click here to request your sample pack.