Q__Where can I use Attiro?

A. Attiro can be installed in any commercial or public sector premises, including receptions, general office space, breakout areas, retail stores, restaurants, leisure facilities, schools, academies and universities.

Q__How is Attiro installed?

A. Attiro is installed by either Kingspan Access Floors in-house contracts division, or a Kingspan approved installer.

Q__What is the recommended time for installation?

A. Because of the Attiro’s accessibility benefits, it can be installed preceding testing and commissioning, but ideally installed at fit out stage prior to practical completion. Before Attiro is installed, make sure:

  • The building is sealed, watertight, and the environment is properly conditioned.

  • The temperature is maintained between 5˚C and 30˚C, and the relative humidity is between 40% and 60%.

Q__How do I lift it?

A. Simply, with one of our lifting devices. Please view our demonstration video.

Q__How do I clean it?

A. If it’s been treated with a UV cured lacquer:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with soft wheels or a dry dust mop to remove the loose debris.

  • Clean it with a damp mop and natural soap.

If it’s been treated with a hardwax oil:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with soft wheels or a dry dust mop to remove the loose debris.

  • Clean it with a damp mop and the manufacturer’s recommended wax oil cleaner.

Q__What happens if there is a large amount of liquid spilled?

A. Unlike fixed hard wood floors such as tongue and groove boards, Attiro can be quickly removed to ensure the accident is dried out before damage can occur.

Q__Can it be installed in different patterns?

A. Yes, you can install Attiro in a staggered joint layout as standard, herringbone, include a border or a diagonal running bond.

Q__Will it move around on the
raised floor?

A. Not when installed by Kingspan Access Floor’s in house contracts division or approved installer. The design of the Attiro’s magnetic base has ensured optimum grab, enabling removal yet preventing movement.

Q__Will the Attiro’s magnetic base affect the Wi-Fi signal, hearing aids, pacemakers or occupants in the vicinity?

A. No. The tested values of the magnetic induction ranged from 35 μT to approximately 190 μT. The minimum value is comparable with the background measured in the absence of any source, mainly due to the Earth's magnetic field. 

The highest values measured were found to be negligible, as they well below the threshold value of 500 μT, beyond which are possible interferences and malfunctions of implanted medical devices. 

During testing the magnetic base of Attiro did not affect the performance of the induction hearing aid loop and only the density of the veneer and plywood composition created a 1 dB difference.

Q_Can I have a bespoke dimension
or colour?

 A. Yes, this is possible but there are some limitations and there may be cost considerations. Please send us an enquiry about your ideas.


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